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Do you want an easier, faster, less confusing shopping experience? You’ve come to the right place to learn about shopping best practices using the latest technology to solve your shopping problems today! If you have ideas about best practices that you’d like to see here, please give us feedback.

Shopping Categories

The categories section includes food and fashion, but more will be added soon.

Grocery Shoppers

Product Shelf Life
Google for “Shelf life of groceries”
Price Lookup (PLU) Codes


Find great recipes at one of the links below …
eG Forums

Healthy Eating
Six by Sixteen


On The Runway 
V Magazine


Color Choice

Shopping Best Practices

Save Money

Coupons (USA)

Extreme Couponing Meetups
Couponing For 4 (website)         Couponing For 4 (Facebook Group – Chicago)
Creative Savings
Fat Wallet

Group On

Coupons (Canada)
Extreme Couponing Canada (website)
Extreme Couponing Canada (Facebook Page)
Extreme Couponing P.E.I (website)
Extreme Couponing P.E.I. (Facebook Page)
Grocery Alerts
Group On
Frugal Shopper
Mrs. January (Website)        Mrs. January (Facebook Page)
Save a Loonie (Website)
Canadian Coupons (Save A Loonie Facebook Page) 

Scanner Accuracy (Canada)

Have you ever had a scanner price charge you higher than the price marked on a store shelf. If yes, then your first item (up to $10) may be free! See details of the policy with the following two links.

Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code (Government of Canada)
Scanner Accuracy (Retail Council of Canada)

Personal Finance

Making Money Make Sense  (Gail Vaz Oxlade)
Where Does All My Money Go (Preet Banerjee)
Dianne Maley (Canada)

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs, or Points Programs, or Reward Programs are a great way to get rewarded for just doing your normal shopping. Be careful though. If the loyalty program does not match your shopping style, then you may be wasting your time and money.

The Points Guy
Points with a Crew
Aeroplan (Canada)
Air Miles (Canada)

Save Time

Shopping Websites (USA)

Why search the web when every time you want your favorite store when you can find all the top American Store Websites here?

Mobile Apps (USA)

Mobile shopping apps help you get your shopping done wherever you are. Take a look at these apps and try one out.



Mystery Shopping Apps


Data Usage Tracking Apps

DataMan Next
My Data Manager
Onavo Count

Health Apps

New York Times Video Recommendations

Shopping Websites (Canada)

Why search the web everytime you want your favourite Canadian Shopping Website?

Shopping Mobile Apps (Canada)

Checkout 51

Data Usage Tracking Apps

DataMan Next
My Data Manager   (Android)      (iPhone)
Onavo Count           (Android)      (iPhone)

Health Apps

New York Times Video Recommendations

General Tools

Universal Product Code Lookup

Online Recommendations & Reputation

Trust is very important in any replationship. Trust is especially important when you decide to spent your hard earned money. I’m a strong believer that that Internet is a powerful tool for consumers, because it makes the marketplace more open and transparent. Unfortunately, the Internet also gives a voice to con artists, scams and companies that make their money manipulating real conversations about products and companies. This site cannot replace the need for a shopper to make good decisions about whom they trust, but I’ll try to list a few that I trust. Please let me know if you use other sites that should be listed.
Angie’s List
Better Business Bureau
Consumer Reports
Good Guide
LemonAid Cars

Price Comparison

Gas BuddyPriceGrabber
AllShopping (Canada)
Showboat (Canada)

Google Shopping Tools

Basic Google Search Help
Google: The Missing Manual
Google Hacks
Google Catalogs
Google Shopping

Delivery Options

Delivery service innovation is very active right now. New technology and new business models are driving the innovation to the benefit of shoppers.

Amazon Prime
Google Shopping Express
eBay Now 

Stay Informed

News & Entertainment Media (Newspapers, Magazines, TV, etc.)

CNN Money
Family Circle

New York Times
Sports Illustrated 

CBC Marketplace (Canada)
Media Smarts Canada’s Center for Digital and Media Literacy

Shopping Research Resources

Consumer Reports
Consumer Magazines
Consumer Guides
Consumer Organizations

American Government Consumer Protection Services

Government sponsored Shopping and Consumer services can be found below.

Consumer Agencies (State and Local)
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Protection (

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Consumer Advocacy and The Law

Shopping scams are everywhere! Make sure you have the access to the best information about consumer advocacy and the laws that protect you.
Advertising Standards & Media Complaints
The Consumerist
Craigslist Scams
Consumers Union
Consumers’ Association of Canada
Public Interest Advocacy Centre(Canada)Technology and Marketing Law

Shopping Skills Development

Digital Literacy (Google)
Digital Literacy (US)
Financial Literacy(US)
Financial Literacy(Canada)

Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is a currency when you are shopping. It is important to be aware of who is using your information and how it is being used. When you share information, make sure you have a fair trade with what you receive in return.
Black Box Society
VRM Project – Privacy
Consumer Watchdog
The Reputation Economy
The Reputation Society
The Scoreboard
The Scoring of America
Change Advertising

Stay Safe & Secure

When new technology is introduced, security is not always considered as the top priority. The links below help you stay informed on how you can stay safe and secure online.

Digital Citizens Alliance
Get Safe Online
Krebs On Security
Wired Safety

Customer Service

Shoppers are very demanding, and occasionally have unrealistic expectations. However, getting high quality customer service can be the difference that makes the shopping experience enjoyable and wanting to return in the future. Here are a couple links which talk  about customer service in the airline industry.
KLM Airlines
United Breaks Guitars

Truth & Trust

Buyer Beware! How do you find out the truth? How do you avoid fraud and manipulation?

The Trouble with Experts – CBC Documentary
Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson

Happiness is Shopping

I believe the goal of all shoppers should be to be happy. Sometimes shopping helps make you feel happy. Sometimes shopping is used to fill emptiness elsewhere in life. If you want to understand how to be happy, or happier at least, please take a look at the following links. Let us know if can think of how Modshopr can make your life happier.
The Happiness Hypothesis
Happiness 101

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