Modshopr is a story about not being satisfied with the current shopping experience.

Even though we have amazing tools, like Mobile Apps, Google, Social Media & Ecommerce Websites, there is still too much work simply shopping for your family.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You’re not alone. Expect more when you shop.

Are you ready to reshape the future shopping experience?

Find shopping tips with friends

How do you benefit?

  • Meet like minded shoppers for support, encouragement & learning the best tips
  • Contribute & learn from a large collection of practical ideas, experiences & stories
  • Access Shopping Tools to find the Best Deals, the Best Prices & the Best Tips
  • Take advantage of David’s knowledge & skills to become a smarter shopper

Who’s David?

  • David is the man behind this shopping tips & tools madness called Modshopr
  • He’s an experienced parent who has successfully raised two happy adult children
  • A Geek – He has college & work experience in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He knows how to build websites and use technology to help shoppers.
  • Experienced in Customer Service – He worked at a large telecomunication company as a customer support manager for many years. He has high expectations for what shoppers should expect from product and retail companies.
  • He wants to help regular shoppers navigate the confusing world of the modern shopping experience. He wants truth, not marketing hype.
  • He knows you don’t want to be told what to do. You just want answers to the problems that are important to YOUR life and YOUR shopping needs.

Please join my search for a better shopping experience today!

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