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Shopping Stories

If you want to understand your life story, watch what you buy.

If you want to understand someone else’s life story, watch what they buy.

Shopping is a fascinating world of many stories. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the tweets below.

Harvesting your own seed is one of gardening’s great pleasures #Home #Garden

Teaching Kids About Shopping for Clothing - FamilyEducation #Shopping #Parenting

5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Shop for Groceries #Shopping #Parenting via @HowStuffWorks

This mom had to throw out notions of 'good' and 'bad' foods to raise a healthy eater | CBC Radio #Food #Parenting #Health

The slow collapse of Amazon’s drone delivery dream #Shopping #UX via @WiredUK

Fashion And Tech Join Forces To Create A Dress That Signals When People Get Too Close #Fashion #UX

Want To Teach Your Kids About Money? Start By Including Them In The Conversation #Parenting #Money

‘The assignment made me gulp’: Could talking to strangers change my life? #EmotionalIntelligency @WELLBEING

Glued To Your Phone? Here's How To Rethink Your Relationship With Social Media #MentalHealth #EmotionalIntelligence

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