Why Modshopr?

Modshopr is a story about not being satisfied with the current shopping experience.

Even though we have amazing tools, like Mobile Apps, Google, Social Media & Ecommerce Websites, there is still too much work simply shopping for your family.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You’re not alone. Expect more when you shop.

Are you ready to reshape the future shopping experience?

How do you benefit?

  • Meet like minded shoppers for support, encouragement & learning the best tips
  • Contribute & learn from a large collection of practical ideas, experiences & stories
  • Access Shopping Tools to find the Best Deals, the Best Prices & the Best Tips
  • Take advantage of David’s knowledge & skills to become a smarter shopper

What can you expect?

  • Modshopr doesn’t replace the need to use Google or mobile flyer apps. It fills in gaps, and helps you use existing tools better.
  • Find solutions for problems that don’t have easy and obvious answers. Not every question can be answered with Google!
  • Break free from marketing spam. Learn from others like you.
  • Modshopr is new. It’s changing. Ask for tools that will make your shopping easier.

Time to Explore!