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The Modern Shopper

So, just who or what is the Modern Shopper?

Let’s start with this …

The Modern Shopper uses the latest technology to take advantage of the best shopping experience available to them online and in real life. The Modern Shopper understands the dynamics of the Web will improve the experience of searching for and purchasing what they need, when they need it, and at the best price available. Competition by retail stores, product developers and service providers for the attention and money from the Modern Shopper is going to be intense. Much more intense than what is already a fiercely competitive consumer market today. The Modern Shopper is ready to reap the rewards of this new world. Status quo is not an option for those marketers, retail stores, product developers and service providers who want to serve the Modern Shopper. Status quo will only lead to catastrophic failure.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Okay, let’s agree that it sounds great from the Modern Shopper’s perspective. Does this world exist today? No. Actually, today’s shopping experience is far from perfect for the Modern Shopper. Time delays, high prices, lack of transparency, lack of convenience and difficulty finding what the Modern Shopper wants all contribute to a poor shopping experience.

What can be done? How can this poor experience be improved? Unfortunately, there are many barriers that must be overcome … confusing technology, confusing push oriented marketing strategies, weak cross-channel marketing approaches, resistance to the new market transparency, lack of trust due to poorly defined and confusing privacy policies/settings, and the list goes on.

Maybe the challenge for change is too great. Maybe the barriers are too large. Maybe the technology, process and people problems are too complex. I say NO WAY!!! Make no mistake, although the change may not happen in a single day, month, or year, it will happen. It has already started.

I want to be at the front of the attack on the status quo. I want to be part of the community that improves the shopping experience for the Modern Shopper. This is an exciting moment in time. I’m excited to be starting this journey. I hope you share the excitement. If we start with the end in mind, the future of the Modern Shopper promises to be a world worth fighting for.

Please add your thoughts and comments. The magnitude of the change required means it cannot be owned by a single person. It will take a whole community of Modern Shoppers to lead the way.

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