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When I started this project, I wrote a few blog posts, but didn’t create new shopping tools. I then created new shopping tools, but stopped writing blog posts. From now on, I hope to write a blog post every time I release new functionality. This way, I can help you understand where Modshopr is going, why it’s important to you and how we can work together to create a better shopping experience that wasn’t available before now. So, let’s start!

First let’s look at what’s changed with this release. I added a product directory and product group pages in this release. The product directory and product pages allow you to join conversations on your favorite products with other shoprs. This is the first step needed to integrate products into the shopping lists, deals & prices tools. In addition to adding products to Modshopr, I also realized that I had to redesign the navigation layout to make sure the new product functionality fits into Modshopr better. The new navigation is split into three main parts: Shopping Partner, Shopping Community and Shopping Tips.

The Modshopr Shopping Partner is a place where you can find a set of tools to help you with your personal shopping tasks. You can make a shopping list, find local grocery deals shared by other shoprs and remember prices on good deals for the future. You can also track store specific deals by joining your favorite store.

The Modshopr Shopping Community is a place where you talk with other shoprs who share your interests. You can add friends, create groups and coordinate your shopping with others to find the best deals for your family.

The Modshopr Tips section is a place where you can find shopping tips and discover what’s happening in the shopping world around you. You can find shopping Tips & Resources, tweets and the Modshopr Blog. Technology continues to change the shopping experience. Come discover what’s happening and how you can take advantage of the latest technology to save money and save time.

Modshopr is a great place to find deals, create shopping lists for your family and chat with friends about where to find the best deals. I invite you to login to Modshopr and take a look around. Let me know what you like about Modshopr and what you want to see here in the future. You and your family deserve a better shopping experience, and it’s starts here!

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